When Dreaming Ends and Doing Starts: Landing in Los Angeles (6.18.2014)

Wednesday June 18, 2014. 8:24 PM (PT)



A large Boeing 737 lands briskly onto a landing platform of LAX international airport.



The fasten seatbelt signs blink off and a crumbling noise is heard overhead by the stewardess at the front of the airplane cabin.


Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have had a relaxing flight here at Southwest on your journey from Baltimore to Los Angeles. Please remember to pick up all your belongings in the cabin, and enjoy your stay in Los Angeles!


Brett, young, short, and skinny with short dark hair and a t-shirt sporting his favorite sports team, the Washington Nationals, begins to step off the plane.

As his feet land gently on the solid ground, he stops to take in the air and atmosphere of the Los Angeles area. He has finally arrived at his destination.

Fade Out

 Episode 1: When Dreaming Ends, and Doing Starts

As a film enthusiast, and an aspiring professional filmmaker, I have always been told to dream and create. Dream up the most engaging and inspiring stories to tell your audience in film. And ever since I began my interest in film at the age of 8, I have done just that. I would lay in the grass with a pen and notepad, and just scribble up the most imaginative ideas and stories a child could come up with, with the intent to one day move across the country to California, create a production company, and portray my compelling stories in film and video. This dreaming has still continued to the present, where I now study how to feasibly take my compelling stories, and portray them in film and video.

But how far does dreaming get you if you are too afraid to take action, and commit to your dreams? A friend once told me that in order to reach success, one has to eventually stop dreaming, and start doing: Believe in yourself, and work hard in order to create opportunities for yourself to succeed.

Keeping that philosophy in mind, and taking his motto to heart, I decided to begin taking action on my dreams, and accepted a lead teaching job for a film course for teens and adolescents at UCLA in Los Angeles. I felt that this decision was necessary as it would give me a chance to truly experience the Los Angeles area- where I ultimately want to live in the future- and dive head-first into an opportunity to teach what I love to students with dreams just like myself! I know that this will be a challenging experience for me at some points, as I will be immersed in a completely different surrounding than my normal environment, but I am excited to explore this new horizon, and get my feet wet in what I ultimately want to do with my life- making films.

That being said, I will continue to post and update this blog with my new adventures and discoveries, and I encourage you to follow along if you are interested! The doors to an amazing future are wide open in front of all of us, and all it takes is a little confidence to run right through them, and live out your dreams! I can happily say I am beginning to do just that! Welcome to the California Summer 2k14!


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